just a young newbie

first of all would like to say nice site seen people down ace cafe with t-shirts on so thought i must sign up. been riding about 18 months now first bike was a 2003 r6 that i still have and love to bits. from out skirts of west london. o yea im 22 as well so one new yonger member. apart from that im a bike nut lol. any question just ask. ill up load some pics now of the bike

Welcome :wink: nice bike pictures are always welcome in here :slight_smile:

hello young newbie :slight_smile:

Hello young noob :slight_smile:

Lambs to the slaughter:P:D

lol o yes. im sure that you guys get this all the time but how do u put a pic up next to ur name and how do u put a sig.???

welcome to LB:cool:

under the forum tab you have control panel,on the left in your profile

hi and welcome oldie :stuck_out_tongue:

Shhhhh u young’en your just an ickle bubba :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

On another note :smiley: … welcome to LB :slight_smile:

lol i might be young but least i wont rob u lol

Welcome mate.

Nice to see another London biker…

Ride it like ya stole it…Peace out

tasty bike

where abouts you from fella? those garages look like the ones round my way…

Welcome aboard :cool:

im based in hounslow but there are a few tatty garage around the poo hole. thanks for the welcome guys/girls cant wait for spring to get here then i should have her up and running. then ace cafe every friday night.

Hi welcome to LB:D


New bee night at ACE monday:D

thanks you all for the welcomes any one from west london / surrey area ???

Hi ya welcome along.

There are some ‘posh’ loosely used, bikers around you. Get chatting and look for Zeepony in teh rideout section - recent post on rideout from your area i believe. :smiley:

Isleworth mate…

nice one Conrad B you will have to let me know when your next out on a ride about ill tag along if that ok lol

Sipson meself and welcome to you.