Just a year old

and already bikes in me head :smiley:

Me mum brought, on my request, the old photos with from Germany, and I thought I’d share it here :smiley:
(don’t have a scanner, so crappy digi photo shot of old school photo)

(now to see if attach works or not :stuck_out_tongue: )




Very cute but a late starter:)

(having ridden on the back of a bike as an embryo for several months)

and look what it did to yer :w00t: :smiley:

Instilled a lifelong yearning for the sound of a Triumph engine while I stayed happily on the back:D


big then, big now. ur mum must of had a hard time getting u out!??! Go say sorry now :hehe:

Now that it’s just over the 30th anniversary of this photo being taken, I think it’s time you recreated the photograph. Pink shorts, white spotty shirt, white shoes, sitting on the tank of your bike. I’m sure your mum would appreciate it, she can see how much her little boy has grown.