Just a thought - Brands Hatch GP

Just a tentative enquiry into how popular this would be with the regulars and new track dayers alike.So, how about Brands Hatch GP on Monday, 21st July at a princely sum of £219. :pinch: :w00t:

Yeah, it’s expensive, but it’s the cheapest I think I’ve seen a GP session in summer especially for me as I have 10% off…Thanks Bikesafe :laugh:

So what d’ya reckon.

Details here

Could we not book as a group and get a discount?

It is possible…I organised an Aprilia forum trackday at Donington a couple of years back with No Limits and secured a discount for 10 or more riders with Mark. Might have been 10%

If there’s interest in this then I’d be happy to organise a discount.

Can’t see a problem with getting 10 peoples names down as most of the trackdays that are posted up here have much more interest then that.

Just spotted the noise limit. Might put people off! :ermm:

you gotta get this organised fella.:w00t:;):cool::w00t:

i`ve always wanted to do brands gp the price is a bit high but its worth it. i think an early xmas prizzie is in order :hehe:

I believe that it has to all be paid for at the same time, but you should be able to generate interest.