Just a reminder

I got an email from my best m8 the other day. I dunno how old they are. But the email contains images taken after an RTA. A Motarder is left bust into 2 pieces (at the waist), yuk! I assume the pics are real

Be careful out there…

Hardly the place to post’em is it!

Why not put a link to the pictures and explain what they are so that if you dont want to see them you dont.

It aint that I dont wanna see’em. They’re in my email box, I can see if ever I want. It’s just that if they’re for real, and I suspect that they are. Outa respect for those involved, I might be wrong here, I didn’t think it right.

If that was my loved one, I’d prefer to know that the pics were not placed all over the the www. The fact-o-the-matter is, that they prolly already are

PM me (can we do that on this board?) with an email address if you realy want the pics. But please dont post’em anywhere on the web…

This is the scene if anyone can confirm if the pic’s are for real?



I think you right not to show those pics. Respect for those who died.

Those that died? There 2 covers in the road, cause the rider is in 2 pieces That smudge on the lamp post is prolly fliud from the victim.

Have you seen this image b4 (does anyone know if its real?)…