Just a reminder Spring is nearly here............BCRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


HD and headphones is a MUST!

And throw the highway code out the window… :wink:

Another great soundtrack!!

Can’t wait for the BCR season to start again!!

We should do a French trip around April…weather is surprisingly hot over there at that time of year.:smiley:

I would love to do France again, The Alps were the best experience i’ve ever had on a Bike, I done it about 13 years ago and i still remember the feeling of pulling into the petrol station at the foot of the Alps and looking up at what we were about to do, i can’t describe how good they were, nothing gets close to it

This can not happen soon enough!!!

James if you seriously want to do a french trip, I’m totally onboard!!! If you can stretch it there’s some amazing roads in Luxembourg. Just saying’ :slight_smile:

I’d like to do the Stelvio Pass again

Yea Jarrod that sounds awesome, always keen on those type of trips. I will also be going on 1 day trips at short notice catching the first train out, just to roam the French coast if i see that the sun is out toward April. If your in i will get you a days notice.

Just keep in the back of your mind that every year around July - August i jump on my bike and head for the hills. keep money in your back pocket just in case m8:D

Mmmmmmmmm BCR :slight_smile: