Just a quickie!

Just wanted to say hi to everyone,
Own an SV650S - Had it about a year and a half now

Taken it round france and London lol - Am based in Victoria

Anyways Hi

Hi and welcome to the mad house



excellent i’m in victoria/pimlico/vauxhall area quite often… maybe we can meet up one day, how about on a Wednesday and go together to the event in borough market!!! … :slight_smile:

bottom line, Welcome!

Hi and welcome to LB

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello and welcome to LB:D

welcome george:D

welcome to the site!, dont forget to check the rideouts and meet section for all the latest!!:slight_smile:


welcome mate

Welcome to LB:cool:

Welcom m8.

dont live but get to the victoria are most days, rochester row, tis where the firms shop is.



Hi, and welcome to LB ! :smiley:


cheers everyone.

I am on Morpeth Terrace if anyones ever around there.

Tend to do some mid week drinking on Wednesday nights in Covent Garden.

yeah, i know where it is… i am often where the big posh sainsburys is :smiley: