Just a quick Intro

Morning all,

just wanted to say hi… Bumped into Amethi over at Gixxer.com, thought I’d join up as I know Aces ( mainly for the breakfasts ), and would like to shoot a lot more photo and video and not being a knee down guy myself I’m getting bored with what I have

Now riding an SV650s, after some scum stole the GSXR but the Mrs finds it more comfortable anyway.

See you all down at Ace’s / Soho sometime soon while the sun is shining !


Hey Lee, welcome aboard! I’m Amethi, but prefer to stick to my real name on here, it’s less confusing all round.

Love the Cathcart lid, I have one as my backup-lid now after I misplaced it for a day and bought a new one before finding it again, doh! Like the arty picture as well! Looks like we have a shared interest in photo and video. I’d be very interested in doing some video work with you…

Hope to see you down at the meets sometime, I’ll keep an eye out! Loved the video you posted on on gdc, fancy posting it here as well?

Where do you get them lids from?
and do they come in black with the jack on the side?
I’m after a new lid, but want to wait untill i can
find the one i want.

Welcome to the forum Lee - nowt wrong with an SV either mate.

The lid is about 3 years old now its an Arai Signet/GTR Cathcart.

I could only get mine from the Bike Show a few years back as they were like rocking horse $hat but I know that Hein Gerick now stock them ( certainly in Romford )…

There aren’t any more colour options and it’ll set you back best part of £350 still…

Hello lee!

My head is worth it, i will have a look on the hein gerick site
Thanks Lcaller

welcome to the forum Lee


Hey lee, welcome.

Alright mate, Welcome to the crew.

Hello and welcome. Nice lid.

Hi there Lee… I know that they have that lid at AdrenalinX in Brands Hatch… You can also get 15% discount off being a member of this site… Jay and I are going to Brands on Saturday to watch a mate in the club racing, think there are a couple more guys from the site coming…tag along mate…