Just a Question?

I was wondering if their were any events that are also family orientated?

If not is there a way of organising one?

thank you :smiley:

We do have a summer BBQ which is a family day. This years Sausage Sizzle is planned for 20th june:cool:


ahh wahooo… now that sounds great :smiley:

Have a look at the link re 26 April at Broxbourne Wildlife Park , great day out for the kids and bikes as well… heaven !!


Damn! I shall be getting a sore arse.

Plus in Sept there is the Essex Air Ambulance rideout from Dunton (fords) its HUGE and attracts families …ie the ol man is on the bikes, the missus takes kiddies in the car.

Starts off from Dunton and ends up at the Harwich Festival which again is hugely family orientated !! Loads of stalls,disco (datgo)…the mayor comes out to greet everyone…its a good day out…providing it dont pee down like last year !!

But check out the rideouts section all the time cos somethings always coming up…we have the annual southend shakedown coming up as well…again, always family orientated and a good rideout…:wink:

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing!!!

Yeah that sounds really good too will most definately keep my eye open :smiley:

:hehe: Londonbikers.com - fun for all the family :laugh: