just a bit of silly fun

But if you havn’t tried it how do you know???!!!???

yeah but im hung like a donkey so it would hurt her

Ginger - thought you hadnt had any for 6 weeks - except for Mrs Palmer and her five lovely daughters !!

Anyway what letter are we on


Furry b4lls

letter G

I KNOW ONE Ginger hung like a donkey with a c0ck that he has to wrap round his legs

yeah he loves PALMela HANDerson!!!

‘H’ - Hardly call that a c**k Ginger !! (saw it when he was flashing it Saturday!!)

I - I am hung like a horse if you want ill show you at the brazen later be there or you wont see it

J… Jubbly luvvlies

‘J’ for Just changed my mind - aint going to the Brazen

k for king of bitches!!!

K - Knockers

l for lickable!!!

L for loving it…

m for mouthful#!!! ha ha

Errrr I’m not sure I’m liking the direction this thread is going in…

Having to think about Ginger and where he puts ‘it’ (when he’s given the choice) is a bit sort of weird and not very nice…

Have we got to M yet? I spy with my little eye something beginning with M…



Keep it clean - near the mark is cool but lets be subtle…

Double pointer - ‘Man Milk’

Is that ok - Mr Moderator Macp - three more ms


N… No fun allowed

yeah but i cant see a moderator in fromt of me i can see everything else i have posted infront of me

N - Nasty clown avatars give me nightmares