just a bit of silly fun

I`ll start: I spy with my little eye something beggining with A:?..


VERY GOOD! what about B?



what about C

Dare I mention ‘C’ ?


what about D

C*ck ring!

Danglin b4lls

I see where this is going, next he’s going to ask what we think him and his boyf are doing???

hes probably bent over the computer right now and reading lb

[email protected] ginger…

yeah thats right… ha ha, ginger u donkey! how about e?

you boys are sooooo rude

Either that or he is looking at a full lenght mirror in a robe and keeps opening it and laughing at the bloke flashing him!!!

yeah i may be hung like a donkey but at least mine gets covered in pussy juice not shat

What your fiance wont let you choose - are you making the right decision???

in Your dreams ginger!!! Back to the matter in hand (as it were) e?

European men having sex??? (we know you are so don’t lie)

nah id rather do it in the pussy not ass