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I’ve already posted this up and many of you have signed already, so thanks!

We need just 15 signatures to hit 1000 before the closing date on 8 July. Please support your local surrey TRF bikers and sign this petition, it takes just a few seconds…


Surrey TRF have just launched a petition, to call upon Surrey County Council to improve the objectivity, impartiality and integrity of decision making on Rights of Way issues in Surrey.

This follows the recent and ongoing attempts by Councillors on the Guildford Local Committee, to make Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) on Byways Open to All Traffic in Surrey, to prohibit law abiding motorists from using two particular rights of way in Surrey. This is despite the Council Officials writing detailed reports, concluding TROs were not appropriate - on three occasions; and despite over 1000 letters of objection. The fact that local Parish Councillors lived on or near the roads in question did not have to be declared; Councillors were free to peddle prejudice and were certiainly not impartial nor based decisions on evidence. Whilst we’re not there yet, but with a lot of effort, we’re on the way to winning the battle over the TROs and ensuring the rule of law prevails.

Over the longer term TRF want to clean up the process so it is open, transparent, based on evidence and ensure that decisions are made by Councillors who are impartial and don’t have vested undeclared interests.


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