June 19 - Long Way Round - NTBPF lap of the M25

You’ll want to avoid the M25 on Sat June 19. NTBPF, BMF, MAG and anyone else who is mad as hell and not going to take it any more will be doing a slow ride from the Ace, round the M25 and back again before wandering into Central London.


And you probably want to avoid Lambeth Bridge roundabout and Trafalgar Square every morning this week and on Wed evening. 8am each day and 6pm Wed, Villiers Street.

You lot are just a pain in the @rse, there are a few hundred people trying to raise money for the RBLR doing the Southern route which involves the M25 and you flippin morons are going to hamper their chances of completing it!!! :angry:

You chaps have your own forum http://forum.notobikeparkingtax.com/ and by now I think everyone on here is aware of your cause. Perhaps you could just crack on with that and leave us in peace.

Thanks for the warning, Jbond. What’s happening at Lambeth Bridge roundabout? Couldn’t see anything about it in the forum Joby linked to and its on my commute route.

I understand why you guys protest, even though there are plenty of free parking spaces in central london, but to interupt somthing like this is bloody annyoing, alot of time and effort has gone into planning it. It think you need to reconsider if you have as much support as u used to esp in the biking community!

Too right!
All these protests are doing is increasing the feeling of antipathy towards bikers in general from other motorists.

Why the M25?

Most people use it to get round London or to avoid it completely. All you are going to do it **** people off who have nothing to do with London. And given the amount of traffic that is on the M25 on a weekend week people avoiding London will you accept responsibility for any accidents that it causes?

i’ll be joining you jbond…:D…keep up the good work mate…NTBP still has an awsome following and im glad im still part of it…:D…see you on the 19th mate:).


I am annoyed with the NTBPF because I think we should go straight into the heart of London on a weekday and bring the whole place to a stand still. F**k all this saturday/sunday crap. Make it so that no one can get anywhere, except on public transport. No delivery trucks, no taxi’s, no tour buses…nothing…everything stuck exactly where it is because all the bikes are one car length apart sitting in the middle of the lane.

That is how you protest, you say, it costs us £1 to park, it will cost you far more in lost earnings everytime you force us to come into London to protest.

Kaos. Get yourself along to Villiers Street, every morning this week and tonight. The lack of Police and the random switch from Lambeth Bridge to Trafalgar Sq is causing gridlock.

Amusingly, Performance Bikes has a few column inches today saying that it’s londonbikers.com organising all these protests with a link to this website. And this from the same office as MCN who have a full page about Danny Chalkley resigning from his post as Parking supremo at WCC, the M25 run and the daily protests this week. Perhaps Matt Wildee should talk to Steve Farrell.

Perhaps the RBLR could join forces. I’m sure the NTBPF-BMF-MAG will be happy to help collect money for the Poppy appeal. The long way round is 12.00 Ace cafe and then clockwise. I don’t think they’ll reach the South-West quarter of the M25 till 14:30, 15.30 so probably won’t affect the RBLR1000 at all, at all.

Joby, and others. After the flame war last year, I’m the only one who posts here about NTBPF stuff and it’s very infrequent and only in this section. I’m obviously trying to recruit and spread the word, but I’m also warning you about stuff that affects you directly as a London Biker. If not about the cause, then about the disrupted traffic. Feel free to ignore the thread if you’re not interested.

I might do that now jbond, my exams are over and its going to be a stonking week weather wise.

Press Release from MAG.

There have been some important development in the campaign against on-street bike parking charges and the spread of new charging technology that threatens to mark an end to free bike parking across the UK. You can make a difference to the final outcome of the campaign if you act this month:

The High Court in London will hear the case against Westminster City Council, brought be the NoToBikeParkingTax campaign. The court case received a bosst recently when the elected Councilor who spearheaded the bike charging scheme lost his job in charge of parking at Westminster City Council. This display of elected politicians turning on their own when things go bad will do nothing to convince the High Court that the scheme is based on the public good. With that in mind, NoTo have taken legal advice and been assured that a large presence of bikes outside the Court in The Strand will help todemonstrate that the charges were brought in in defiance of the public interest. Be there if you can for 9 o’clock on the morning of Thursday 24th June (further details www.notobikeparkingtax.com).

On the Saturday before the hearing, NoTo are organising a slow lap of the M25 to draw public attention to the campaign. This could well be one of the most TV-friendly stunts yet and will set the scene for the final stages of the campaign. The run starts from the Ace Cafe on Londons North Circular Road at Noon on 19th June (further details www.notobikeparkingtax.com).

NoTo are also asking for final contributions to the legal expenses fighting fund, more than £30,000 has been raised by riders and bike-businesses, but Court hearings are expensive and there is still a shortfall. MAG is making its own contribution to the fighting fund and
urges individual riders to dig-deep and help roll-back the tide of stealth tax and additional charges for public services (further details www.notobikeparkingtax.com).

Finally, at a meeting with the new minister in charge of Britains roads yesterday, MAG had it confirmed that central government will not take control of local parking so every bike parking battle will have to be fought individually. We must make sure the NoToBikeParkingTax campaign wins its case this month, to demonstrate that the motorcycle community is capable of defending the principle of free and plentiful bike parking everywhere.

Well massive pat on the back to you lot…NOT!! your doing a great job of p1ssing people off and now you wanna start with the already heavily congested M25!!

Kaos, I’ve met you and don’t have any issues with you but as for your comment “No delivery trucks, no taxi’s, no tour buses” You are holding people up who are trying to earn a living, how do you think you get stuff in shops, bars etc around London, it’s not a magic fairy I can tell you that much. Get everyone using public transport? How can people use buses if your causing chaos on the roads. My boyrfriend is a lorry driver and often has to go into Central London to make deliveries which isn’t fun at the best of times let alone when idiots like the NTBPF lot and now the balck cab drivers start blockades cos they are not getting what they want.


Just an idea, why don’t I get loads of lorry drivers who are no doubt going to be affected by further blockades in London and on the M25 by you lot to block your route out of the Ace as much as they can, give you lot a taste of your own medicine :wink:

As I have said before, I am not against you campaigning, just against how you go about it, p1ssing off people who have nothing to do with it in the process.

I’m all for the NTBPF, I Think people should stand up against this unjust tax, the goverment runs the country so to hit back you must affect the country, there is no other way…good job guys;)

Generally, you don’t get much done by only campaigning to those already involved. The whole point is to raise awareness, and to do that you need to get to the ‘people who have nothing to do with it’, and if you can’t buy advertising, the best way is generally to irritate them.

Irritating as it may be, it has a pretty good track record of working.

Yes, but that is kind of the point Tiggi. I met you and I quite like you too, so lets not make this a flame war or anything.They are making money from this parking tax, how do you fight that? By making it cost them money. No it isn’t nice, and it isn’t nice when bus drivers strike, or when tube workers strike, or when anyone strikes in any job that impacts the public…the problem is that it IS the most effective bargaining chip that anyone has at their disposal.Just saying we are not happy means nothing to these people. When there is lost revenue and upset tourists involved then they will have to seriously consider whether the money they are making from bike parking is worth the hassle.I suggest that the best thing we can do is make sure that the revenue from bike parking is NOT worth the hassle.

Hello folks. Sorry to butt in on only my second (i think) post.

I’m a newbie biker and I don’t really want to pay for parking, certainly not if it means hanging around on the street using my phone and credit card…

I’ve been on a few of these protests and have always found most commuters quite patient and understanding, particularly when people from the campaign explain it to them and hand them a leaflet saying ‘sorry for the inconvenience’. Nobody really likes paying for parking. There seems to be a good rapport with the police too.

I really love being out on the motorbike. It’s a new world to me, but I’ve really noticed the sense of community out there, with nods of acknowledgement and exchanged words at traffic lights etc… So I find the aggression towards this campaign a bit confusing tbh.

Everyone else I speak to seems in favour of the campaign against parking charges, and they aren’t bikers.

I don’t know many of them…