June 10th Silverstone - 848 or new R6...?

Hey folks.Booked my first proper track day, novice group. Very very tempted by the 848…

I ride an '05 R6 daily, and have had a go on a CBR600RR 2010 round silverstone.

Thanks for any opinions.


I take it your doing yours with Focus Events?

I saw both at Mallory Park on Friday and both look good! The 848 would be great on the new pit straight at Silverstone, but I myself have a R6 for the track and have a 1198s, Ducati is a little harder to get on with where the R6 is made for the Track.

the extra BHP will defo make the different at silverstone so go for the 848.

A seasoned track-er eh? Well spotted. Yup focus.I expect the extra power and torque would help a novice. Otherwise I’ll be up and down the gears like the clappers on the R6 i expect. So my thinking is the 848 might actually be ‘easier’ to get speed up. I’ve yet to actually try R6 on the track, only been on a cbr600rr so far.Thanks for the tip,B.

go with what you’re most familiar with. It’s a whole different world from riding on the road and you don’t need any distractions.

Hate to say it, but go sushi.

I’ve been at Silverstone with the R6 and yes you hit the top of the scale and the 1000 outclass you in a couple of straight but it is much smoother to ride on track than my GSXR600 and 750.

On track I would chose the R6 even compared to an R1 because unless you are a race rider you simply can get more fun out of it.

As for the twin is a complete different story, I had a Ducati and you can’t beat the feeling on corner exit but at silversone I don’t know; my guess is that apart from the reputation for 1098/848 to be more difficult on track, probably it suites better other circuits

I’d say R6 - ride what you know, the 848 will be quite different to ride.

Both will be left behind on a straight by a Jap IL4

I will also be there on the BMW so will look out for you, unfortunately i won’t be in the Novice group;)

I would say go with the R6, definately a much better track tool than the 848.

Thanks guys for the insights. I’m booking up the R6 today. I am curious about this R6 and track bike business as well. And being on an ‘old banger’, will be interesting to compare :slight_smile:

I know the R6 will be more tricky to get the power out of. Last time out I was struggling to find the right gear to keep up the revs through corners in order to get out fast (on a cbr600rr). I know the R6 spins up pretty fast though so hopefully can get up to limits on the longer straights.

Looking forward to it.

PJ i’ll keep my eyes peeled for your blur no doubt :-p My wish is to get kicked out of novice for being to fast :hehe:

If you think PJ is a blur I’d suggest a precautionary eye test before you go to that track day.

A twin’s lazy power delivery is very friendly IMO and it will help you concentrate on the road ahead and worry less about the bike.

They feel slower and for me, riding a Ducati 1098 around Cadwell for the first time compared to riding my R1 later in the day was less stressful and I was much happier learning the track layout on the twin.

You can’t really go wrong with either, but I reckon an R6 demands more skill to get the best out of it.

Thanks Afro. Thats exactly what I was thinking. The ‘lazy power’ means its more forgiving as there’s much more power throughout most of the rev range = a lot less gears required.

The R6 is prob the most technical bike I’m guessing from the power curves! Its got the least torque but i expect might spin up quicker than the rest and maybe lighter too?! This is why I have to make a lot of noise to keep up with V’s - I’m not trying to show off!! Never one to shy away from a challenge though :slight_smile:

Beside more power also brings more risks (fun)? :smiley:

The R6 is gutless in the midrange and you need to keep it singing to really get anywhere, which is fine in the right hands. They are a real track tool if you keep the revs high, but they are not really designed for a novice. You’ll probably find you will just bog down coming out of corners. The CBR will be a more user friendly as it has a better power spread. If you had problems with this last time out don’t go for the R6 thinking it will be better. Personally I’d go for the 848. Not tried one but I definitely would like to have a go after the last track experience I did where I was lent a 748 to play on. It was down on power compared to an IL4 but was an absolute hoot in the bends. So light and flickable. I don’t see why people think the IL4s are quicker then the 848 either, just having a look at a review it say ‘Making a true 122bhp and 66ftlb of torque at the rear wheel the Ducati 848’s motor is not only is very strong, but the power delivery is super-smooth and very linear, too. Compared to the old 749, the Ducati 848 makes 20bhp and 10ftlb more, while weighing almost 30kg less.’ They absolutely loved it. No choice really, the Duc. all the way.

Next to the 600s it (the Ducati) has a much better motor.

I meant compared to the full liter jap stuff, everyone and his dog has 160BHP these days. My bike’s motor is equal to a Ducati 999 power-wise, I have a video of me trying get past a R1 for several laps at Jerez, you wouldn’t believe how much ground I loose on every straight. :frowning:

The biggest thing the OP will have to watch is locking the rear on down shifts till he gets used to it.

^^ 2nd time I’ve heard this warning. I’ve never tried a VTwin and this is the one thing that scared me off for now. At least I know how the 600 IL4 machines behave.

But again at +10k RPM I dont have that much experience.

stick with what you know m8.

i`m booked to do this will av to get a garage for ourselves.

adz da artist and mike are looking to do this aswell.

I think Ricky is booked on this as well:D

I think i might have managed to blag a ride on the S1000RR Race bike they use in the MRO as well:w00t:

cool. I’ve got 2 friends coming along too.

And just bought leathers from BMF, so I’m all set to go. I hired the R6 from focus btw in the end.

He sure is, :D:D

Van share anyone??? I’m out nr Heathrow :smiley: