Jumping off a car,

Good afternoon…

I’ve been having major issues with my bike Gixxer 600 '99, and I’m often left stranded with no juice in the battery (I did write an essay earlier, but the post got lost so it will follow, probably tomorrow)

I’m just simply wondering, if it is safe to jump start off a car battery, or would it just blow everything in sight like a certain hotel heiress

Many thanks guys

Sounds like it aint charging at all, happened to mine 2 years after it went down on the left hand side (generator cover). One of the wires eventually broke and left me stranded. Get yourself a multimeter (voltmeter) and check the current both static and running. Should be able to trace the wires back from the generator to a block connector on the left side just by/under the seat.

Should be 13.8 volts on tickover and drop to 12ish when revved.

Hope this helps a little.

Edit; forgot to say, shouldnt have a problem jumping off a car. (just make sure it’s not too high, he he)

Thanks Puppy

I will invest in one tomorrow and have a little tinker around. I also had a little spill, but on the right side, and managed to take most of it on my leathers.

not sure if it’s relevant but at the same time, I noticed the temperature guage start to go a little haywire. The readings would bounce and although the fans seem to kick in when you would expect, they would not work with the readout (probably a good thing), also, upon startup from cold, I’ll put the choke on, let it sit at about 3krpm for a little and then take it back down, but I need to keep the throttle open else she stalls. I’ve also noticed that the headlamp dips when I open the throttle. I’ve had it checked out at a garage, and twice it was returned after being told nothing was wrong.

I have a new battery and sparks in, the filters all seem clear as do the intakes. oh, it does backfire if I push it hard in first gear, not sure if that is normal.

It will be nice to be able to go somewhere and not have to being my Oximiser with me

Many thanks again,


No, you can definitely jump off a car. Just make sure you get a good ramp in place.

Seriously, it’s fine. You won’t fry anything, I’ve done it before.

My old Suzi Bandit has been jumped started off car batteries and also recovery trucks batteries many times over the years. No problems with the bike blowing up

I’ve been advised never jump a bike off a car, you’re supposed to be at risk of blowing the regulator and then it wont charge at all (blew up an old RF that way once… wasn’t an expensive fix, but it could have been avoided!)

Jumping all depends on the output of the car system in comparison to the bike one. I have jumped many bikes, but, am ultra careful. I have seen the acid in the battery start to boil before.

So what I do now, is connect the negative up. Connect the positive to the car end and carefuly hold the other positive end in my hand. Get ready with the starter button. Literally, I touch the positive lead to the positive on the bike battery and hit the starter button, I do not leave the jump lead connected at the bike end at all.

just make shure theres a soft place to land


iv jumped my bike of my sprinter van many times…

Never have the car/van running at the time as the alternator is going to be charging at more than 12v…

if you have a multi meter( very usefull investment) stick it on first if your unshure but like i say never had a problem jumping my GSXR of the trusty merc

Boiling acid, isn’t a good thing. I must agree. Actually did jump a friends bike off a car, and now she is needing her regulator changed. I’ll be keeping all this in mind for the future…many thanks again

It is possible to jump off a car, but caution is advised. I’ve been told its ok so long as the car engine isn’t running, and have done it safely before. However bike mechanics have told me to never do it as it can fry your ECU, due to the much higher Ampage of the car battery. If this happens, your obviously looking at a potentially very expensive fix, so in an emergency, yep, otherwise nope.

I have never had a problem, but have always jumped off the battery and never had the car running.

As for frying stuff , it shouldn’t happen. You can jump a normal family car off the much higher amps from a huge recovery vehicle with the engine running without any difficulty - the RAC/Green Flag/AA do it all the time, at least they do to my ancient Modeo!

If the lights dim when you rev, it’s not charging then it’s your Regulator/Rectifier.

This also prevents it charging.

Get a new one, they’re usually under the bodywork behind the pillion seat and should be dead easy to fit. Though you’ll probably also have burnt out wires as it’s not regulating the current so get some spare cabling in just in case.