Jump starting?

After having a sign language conversation with a chap in the street about his broken bike, who I later determined was Brazilian (no he didn’t know Cezar), and then spent 20 minutes running up and down the street trying to jump start it.

It was obvious from the noise, and the lack of turnover, that the starter motor was fubbared, and the more we ran up and down the street the stronger the smell of petrol grew from the exhaust.

Needless to say we didn’t get it started and he had to take the tube home. So for future reference just how do you jump start a bike, if indeed you actually can, and not flood it to the point that it’s never going to start?

Oh, and I did tell him about LB but I don’t think he understood.

Jump starting a bike’s like jump starting a car really, just easier.

You turn ignition on, turn lights off so as to save battery, and then you put it in gear, i reccomend 2nd as the back wheel doesn’t lock up as much, and then you push with the clutch in (or better still get a stranger to push you up and down the road) till you’re going fast enough (generally running pace) then dump the clutch and blip the throttle accordingly.

Some people just push the bike in neutral first then jump on and slam into gear but this can prove tricky and could cause you to drop the bike away from you whilst trying if you’re not used to it.

Hope this helps

P.S are you sure the bloke hadn’t just run out of petrol?

2nd gear, bout 5-10mph if you can, and drop the clutch, bit off gas and jump on the seat giving the bike a bit off grip. do that all at the same time and you should be ok.

but remeber you cant bump start a scooter

He’d probably throttled the thing to death - therefore flooded it - sos the thing can’t ignite,
Will take some shoving to clear!

Top tips lads. Thanks.

How long does it take to clear a flooded engine? I remember on my old scrambler that I had to take the spark out for a few minutes which worked a treat. Not quite the same on a CBF600 though

You sure the starter’s gone and not just a flat battery. If only the battery he could start it from a set of jump leads and a car battery( or like me directly off the car)


Heh, Foxy and I know all about bump-starting a bike. As Lee says, give it a push, dump the clutch in second and away you go, hopefully.

I find it best to start on something small i.e a kerb… wear good footwear like cushioned trainers. Make sure no traffic then both feet pointing forward on edge then a little hop. You should be successful? If not repeat until perfect. You can then proceed on to something a little more adventurous llike maybe a low wall or similar…on the safe side wear a back protector and helmet…Happy Jumping!!

most important thing if jumping from a car is to have the car turned off, having the engine running on the car can seriously damage your bike electrics

if someone has been riding and its cut out, a jump/bump start is not the answer there is obviously something wrong with the bike

Use second like everyone had said.

Or if by yourself, easier to run, bike not in gear and jump ur left leg onto peg and hit into first, and get back off and push again covering clutch and front back

Or when my clutch cable snapped, no hills about, had to run like i said above, and when it fired, use alot of front brake and smoke the tyre to a hault while you get on lol

There appears to be some confusion going on here … let’s just clear up a couple of discrepancies …

  1. Jump Start - Connecting jump leads and using the battery of another vehicle to start your machine.

  2. Bump Start - This is a “push” start. Usually 2nd gear, clutch in, blah blah blah.

  3. Jumping off kerbs and working up to bigger things - parachute training!!

Then once youve gained confidence, try bigger

Defo not that kinda jump

I meant bump, but I said jump and now I’ve advice on facets of jump, bump and what ever you call the pavement thing (in most cases and accident ).

cool pic is that the one off me on your bike, with your helmet and your gear on???

ye i though so

lol I must be a jump start vertran, for the last few weeks I’ve been having to pop the bike into 2nd and legg it down the street (pushing the bike of course ) this is probably because I need a new battery and I haven’t been running the bike that much.

Stop buying cameras / track bikes / big twins etc and spend £40 on an Optimiser, you madman…

as said above but the bigger the CC the harder to bump… my 400 started a dream, the R6 was a bit of mission (even in 2nd) and the Gixxer-6 is an 05 so hopefully only bump starting will be for whomever buys it after I abuse it for a couple of years !..

Oh yeah, you can’t turn the lights off on newer bikes so I guess if it is the battery you gonna have problems !..