jump starter packs - are they rubbish?

Had the pleasure of having to jump start the bike this morning - bump starting it on my own in a flat carpark was not working for me

Anyway, completely failed to get it to start the bike up, had to go find jump leads and run the bike off the truck

So question is am I doing something wrong or are jumper starter jobbies (with the built in air compressor) a steaming pile of cack?

edit: like this one in the like below altho i cant say for certain what quality mine is…


Like most things Ben, you get what you pay for. I bought one from Argos for about £40 and it turned out to be a pile of dogsh!t. The pro’s ones seem to work OK but they seem to cost an arm and a leg.

Stick with leads, I do;)

do you reckon its just the quality/power of the battery they use then? the batteries in a bike aren’t exactly heavy duty so would have thought once you clipped on a reasonable power battery too it it should be ok no?

I bought one from halfords for about £40 and have it on trickle charge in the garage. It has worked perfectly the two times I have needed it.

I would say it’s the quality of the Chinese batteries they use in them. They are fine for the first few months then gradually the charge they store gets less and less until after a year the compressor has just about enough puff to blow up a party balloon:cool:

I got so fed up with mine that I purposely left it on my driveway and the fairies took it away;):smiley:

i found they need constant charging let it run right out and the cheap ones then wont hold the charge.The heavier the pack is the better it is the one at work(£350 way to dear for d i y er) is great jumps 24 volt lorries it really seems you get what you pay for

I’ve had no problems with the £79 one in Halfords. It’s been used to jump-start 2.5l diesel cars but mostly for the socket, instead of using an extension lead. The same one was down to £49 the last time in Halfords. It’s got a power check button which is a must. I got it over a year ago and would definatly buy another for piece of mind.

Truckers support loud pipes.:smiley:

yer i have one i got from maplin for about 50 quid if i remember right. ive had that a few years now and its still working fine and starts the 2.5l car:w00t:.

at the risk of egg sucking, what is the best way to get em to work? Hook up and go, hook up and wait til next week then crank, attach both terminals/ attach the red to live and black to your nads?

Connect the coloured leads to the same coloured terminals on your bike. Check you have it right, although a decent starter pack will play an alarm sound at this point if you have not, then just hit the starter. Unlike when jump starting from a running engine when you should wait a few minutes or so to allow the engine to kick a bit of life into your dead battery, I wouldn’t think waiting would gain anything as you are simply using a second battery in parallel so will only end up with the same number of amps you started with.

well mine is one off the 1st ones so dont have any safty guff:hehe: but still works.

i put the red on (Live) 1st then the earth(black) but I’ve found on some bikes it can be a pain 2 get the earth side on like my old zzr6 so i just put that on the frame:P and keep a eye on the live so it don’t earth out and U get a fire work display lool

can probs get you a decent one with an LB discount if you like :slight_smile: just give us a pm if you want and il find out a price