Jump over an F1 - easy right?



Wonder how much damage that little bit was… :smiley:

hahahaha Red bull does indeed give you wings :smiley:

poor car

Hopefully he’ll be picking carbon fibre out of his arse for weeks, idiot.

But sign him up for London 2012! :smiley:

i think if he tried jumping mawashi geri he (a) might have made it (b) would have looked better when he #failed


and here’s how a pro does it ! :w00t: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIWeEFV59d4

I was never sure if that was a fake or real… But I love the first comment

“chuck norris can jump over a plane”

the way he ran in front of the F1 vehicle, chances are he already is a London citizen :w00t:
so with some luck, he signed up already ^^

Yeah, maybe he was playing Angry Birds and couldn’t be bothered with using the pedestrian crossing :smiley: