July 15th

steves going to the turpin by himself by the looks of it!!!:w00t:

count me in for blackheath guys…be good to see lil westie pants;)

my phone has gone pete tong so if anyones trying to get ahold of me…tough titty:D.



no hes not;)


i will be at the turpin

yeeeeeeah boy!! turpin turpin turpin, nice day, good lil blast there and back should clear teh system nicely:D

might just drop by:)

Had a lovely time last night. Thanks for coming out :smiley:

Good to see you all (WestZed, Smiled, Frogga, Dunc, Georgie Boy, Andyp69 & Chrissie, Bluestar & the ever happy Stevewright!!):hehe:

Glad you had a nice time, sorry i couldn’t make it but i was in Poole and didn’t get back till 11pm. Mind you that was better than the rest, I doubt Chenster got back till 1am:D Thats if he didn’t get lost;)

I got back to mine at midnight after I rolled past the tea hut to see if anyone was still about, someone at the bench waved at me as I went by so I did a circuit at the roundabout and blasted back only to find it was someone I didn’t even know, just another group of random bikers…he he! :smiley:

i actually got home at 11.30 and that included yet another pit stop at Clackett’s Lane for fuel.


You weren’t hanging about were you?!? :w00t:

Trash and I did a short run along the M25 then down the A3, he peeled of at Sutton then I blasted home across town, I’d gotten bored of the motorway by then.

i sure as hell didn’t spare the horses heheh.

i was going too fast to get bored


Probably going to fast to even notice you were on the motorway too, did you remember to stop at Maidstone or did you turn around when you got your feet wet?!? :wink:

hi pompeytim, warren and myself waved at you but you took so long to turn around the roundabout we thought you was on a gsxr 50…