July 15th

All say I?


But only if we get back from Poole Quay in time and your still there. But i doubt it.

poshibly! have no idea how to get there tho!

If you can follow sign posts you can get there… it is on the A2 on Blackheath. If you are coming from East London/Essex then go through the Blackwall Tunnel, come off the A102 at Sun in Sands Roundabout signposted Central London A2. Follow the road across the big green area which is Blackheath. Go over the roundabout in the middle of the heath still signposted A2 Central London - tea hut is on the left, parking on the right. Hopefully link to a map is below…


that’s about 2 minutes from my house…reckon I’ll drop by and say a big newbie HI!!

see you there :smiley:

nice one dude! looks easy enough:hehe::smiley: i ring lou if i get lost!:wink:

oh and lou i WILL remeber that Jonny L album!:slight_smile:

wats this all about then??? can i come??? wat u u gona be there till???

frogga…no! no! no.:D:P

tuff i`m comming so there :P:P:D:D

gonna go turpin now, bit of a better ride, get out of london for a bit and over 70 hehe

come to turpin people…

Nope blackheath teahut massif is where its at!!!


teahut in middle of no where with traffic, or nice pub, nice food, nice longgg fast roads and lots of bikes?

What’s the Battenburg like Lou?:wink:

im working till 7 then in gym till 9. hope you all ave fun

I was thinking about going to the dick turpin but I’ve got to go on my own… to scared to tackle the a127 on my own!! haha… loser :wink:

Hopefully be down there next week though, might finally get to meet a few of you!! :slight_smile:

you have a PM;)

:doze: :doze: :doze: :doze: :doze: yeah yeah steve - get the point.