Julian Turner.... Missing winner of tickets..........

I am trying to get in touch with Julian Turner who is the winner of a pair of weekend Brands Hatch Tickets for the BSB round this August… Does anyone know of him or his where abouts?:smiley:

I may be totally wrong but the only Julian I know on here is Giuliano

Not me.

if ya dont find him i’ll have em! :wink:

Ha ha, that’s exactly what I was going to say John!! :smiley:

Sorry guy’s if I don’t find him by Sun, then I’ll be picking a new winner.::hehe:

I’m Julian Turner and so is my Wife !:slight_smile:

LOL!!! very good

ORYou could donate them to the LAA Raffle on saturday :wink:

have you tried guitarman

hes name is juilan


Somebody call?:stuck_out_tongue:

Just got internet back on following moving house…

Email sent.

ps. woohoo!!:smiley:

At last the real Julian Turner has stepped forward. Interpole has been stood down.

The FBI recalled.

MI5 still confussed… MI6 not unaware.

Thank-you all for helping flush out the man hinmself:D