I think Ginger should explain this to everyone.

I agree, c’mon Ginge!


Yes He should - come on Ginge tell all!!!

why have i got to explain this to everyone, i am a member of tlb too and i brought one of their hoddies yes one of their hoddies, im not converting to the other side but if this is the way that im going to be treated then i think i will, im not going to pay 30 dollars plus shipping cost for a londonbiker hoddie, only to look like **** like they are atm in my opion as soon as we get a better shop ill be buying a hoddie from here,

if you dont like the hoddie im wearing at a meet you dont have to speak to me it just shows how fxxxxx childish you are

so grow up get a life and stop with all this im not speaking to you coz your wearing one of them


OOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo a bit touchy mate.. It`s not like you to get all grown up on us and behave like a prood.

LOL, if I did not read about it I’d be thinking someone was taking the pi$$. Ginger, there are some good tops here also: http://www.visordown.com/shop/ and maybe this on your next top http://www.americanatheist.org/spr97/judas.gif ?

I do think its funny and a name like Judas does make me laugh

If your LB family want to expell you to the biker wilderness Ging…lift your visor and see that theres another family waiting to adopt.

We dont really put much emphasis on what people wear we see a bit deeper than that.

Ginger will always be part of this family. right mate.

I best have a clean bit of underwear on next time I see you

Ginger is not going anywhere and this is all a laugh.

As a new boy i was totally unaware of any rule that forbids a member of being a member of any other forum.

Should I resign from TLZone?

Is that a TL site? If so can you PM me the link. I have an SV1000 and would like to get some different cans for it. Cheers. Mattp

never, ill never be a member of your family well you ride a scooter dont you

ill always be a member of both familys londonbikers.com and thelondonbikers.com

Niceday only turns up when there is a bit of controversy

We all belong to different forums & all wear what we like

However this is by far the friendliest forum

nah you dont have to resign just be a member of as many forums as you like i am

I didnt realise you had an SV1000, I’m after new cans also, looking at Micron, Scorpion, Blue flame or Remus.

All one big biking community as far as I’m concerned, and I like TLB’s hoodies (that’s hoodies Ginge, not hoddies ) but I cant register on the site for some reason?

the reason why you cant register is that the admin team i think have to authorise it now

unlike londonbikers

unfortunately, we had a bit of a spam issue, so i’ve taken the step to check each and every registration. If you want to try to register again, i’ll make sure it goes through. I do occassionally slip up and miss a legitimate registration, heck, im human after all!

Niceday only turns up when there is a bit of controversy

Debz, its in the name “niceday”. When controversy is around I try and make it a niceday. Also, I think some people are funny how they react to things and it makes me laugh. Small things for small minds and all that .

BigSV, I have an SV1000S K3 and an RSV Factory. May hang onto the SV as I’ve had so much fun on it. Then again if the wife says sell it will be out …but not until then