Joys of parking in a motorcycle bay

Sorry for the crap quality, was dark as feck. Looks like the grey scooter shoved his bike inbetween the red and the black one. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the grey scooter is actually lying on the red one. From what I can tell, the owner of the red one wasn’t too impressed, hence the broken red shards on the ground and the missing rear brake light on the grey scooter.

Is the grey scooter locked to something?

If i was Mr red scooter and came back to find that, I would have moved mr grey scooter out of the bay.

Yup, no question. what a fuktard.

If it was my bike, the scooter would have been left in the middle of the road on its side!!!

I’ve done that with scooters before. Picked up and dumped into the street where it belongs. If there is no space, don’t park there.

Surprisingly no, the only wrinkle in my red scooter as the assailant theory. So it could as well have been a passer by, a good samaritan, who did it.

What a doosh.

I’d have dismantled the thing! It’s remakably easy to disconnect the engine from the frame on vespas…

Hmm…I dunno, look at where the lense glass is, it’s not near the light and it looks like the red scooter has been pushed over onto the next bike by the grey scooter.
Could the grey scooter been in a tight gap but then got hit/reversed into by a car/van which then pushed it into the red scooter?

Could be. I just went with the most obvious explanation. The shards were more spread out, I moved them since some of them were blocking my front tire (the wheel sticking out on the bottom right of the photo). There was no other damage to the rear of the grey scooter from what I could see, the reg. plate looked untouched and I didn’t see any scratches or dents.