joys of broken scooters

so thought I’d nip out on the new ped for a whizz down the A13 to check out how it ran, lets just say it ran 25 miles, before coming to a halt, half way home, thankfully an AA member, but still a 2 hr wait for a transporter, thankfully my lovely missus wasp came to sit with me in the pi$$ing rain and thunderstorm

AA guy reckons its the oil pump from the sounds its making, my youngest son (throttle power,mechanic) reckons it maybe ht leads,coil, so a bit of investigation is needed:angry:





Wow what a couple of damp squibs. :smiley:

Not the best day to break down.

It was funny:w00t: that’ll teach him for telling me he was only going out to get petrol and riding upto east ham instead lol, notice my little ped as well good little ped that is…see aprilia are so much better;)

And then top it if tge car wouldnt start outside mine lol.

Atleast you got going in the end hope the rebuild goes well

Yesterday was definately not our day for things with engines lol:D