Journey To Russia - Charity donations.....

As many of you know - MacP, BabyPolarBear and I are heading off to Russia later this year… 5000 miles in three weeks around Europe.

One of the reasons for doing this trip was to raise the profile of Everyman - a charity based in the UK researching male cancers and education people about the tell tale signs that can mean the difference between life and death.

So, as some people have said they’d like to sponsor us, and we’d like to try and raise some cash for this stunning charity we’ve set up a Just Giving page

… if you’re feeling generous - please donate… if you’re not feeling generous - watch Rachel Stevens tell you to play with yourself :wink:

Shame less Matt
but hay its a good charity so lets get going.

Come on people check out the everyman web sit, watch the video.

We all looked at the ladies breasts on the BCW only right we check out the guy’s nuts not just Nobby’s

We all looked at the ladies breasts on the BCW only right we check out the guy’s nuts not just Nobby’s

No we never …you might of ya nonce case !!

Count on me and the rest of the Barro Clan to show some Support !!

Cheers Barro

and everyone checks out the ladies jubblies,… can’t believe i just used the word jubblies sorry ladies.



As my Mum always says I did ask you what keeps you ears apart.

he he - you watched that Rachael Stevens video yet? it’s rather good.


Oh yes it is good.

I wonder if they could get Sheridan Smith to do one.

Pair of Turds !!

Just want to say a very very public and HUGE thank you to Ginger - who has already donated and has set the bar high - man you are amazing!

Hes come to the front lately eh !!

new bikes…decking em …

charity !!!

oi oi Gingaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!


Just like to point out checking your plumbs in public could get you into trouble…

I’m hoping people get behind us on this one!

Thanks guys!

Yes Thank you Ginger you never stop impressing me.

All hail the Ginger Ninja

Talk about LB showing itself proud… Fazerfemgem has just donated another £50 - you are totally amazing :slight_smile: I can’t belive how generous you are being!



Way this is going…you two will be eating Beluga all the way eh !!

dude… it’s not for us… that’s why we’ve done it through Just Giving… anything you donate goes straight to Everyman and they automatically claim Gift aid so the get even more money :slight_smile:


So is there discount for cash ?

Will donate when my bank feels better

lol - does it come in a large brown envelope?

I’m sure Everyman will appreciate ANYthing people can donate… they do some amazing work and it’s about time they got a little recognition.


I’ve got 12 quid Any good ?