"Jorge look at me while I'm shooting"

I have resized this image smaller I am putting it up as a test. It is Jorge Lorenzo rounding Honda Corner at Phillip Island.

Ok so that was a stuff up I will try again… Sorry.

Ok here goes with a smaller one…

Well that fits easily on my screen let me know if theres a problem Ta.

Wehey thats better:D
Good pics by the way;)

awesome photos.:slight_smile:

Looks Wicked!

Brilliant photo fella! Phillip Island has provided some truely great photos over the years. Who do you shoot for?

sick, nice to see without tinted visors

Yeah, it’s good to see the sheer concentration/terror on the riders face :smiley:

has he changed his number again?

Can he not find one he likes?

Oh and fantastic picture

top photo!