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ouch indeed!

Even though you’re sitting looking at a PC, you wince when you see how high he is off the floor. You just know what’s coming next:pinch:I’d put him in one of my fantasy race teams earlier this morning. Methinks I should remove him.

If he has fractured his ankle, I’m sure he won’t be able to ride at full pace for the full race distance. Although they do get a rest down the massive straight.

Who’s going to win, Rossi, Stoner or Pedrosa? I don’t think it’ll be anyone else.

oh crap that had to hurt! :crazy:


Sheeit, does he get points for style? Hope he’s not out of the game.

I’d like Casey Stoner to get back on pace, keep the whole thing open. Loved that comment at Qatar “he’s riding that bike like he’s stolen it!”. Pedrosa’s a bit like Dick Dastardly, thumping the tank and saying “drat” (or perhaps “joder”) as he came in second last time. Of course, it’d be nice to see a Mr J. Toseland have a blistering run too, now he’s had a bit of time with the new engine…


To take 4th place with that damage to his feet nankles, pretty impressive. Would any of us ride with those injuries? (I wouldn’t!).

I agree, hell of a ride wasn’t it.

Pity JT didn’t do as well this race. They do say that Shanghai’s one of the most difficult tracks to learn though. It does look a superb circuit.

yeah but a shame it has all the atmosphere of a closed library :smiley:

Very true. It was strange seeing the riders go past completely empty stands.

Just read that Lorenzo’s injuries are worse than first thought. Makes his ride on Sunday even more fantastic!