Jonathan Pie on the right to protest & offend

I love this guy, he should be our prime minister not that corrupt clown that we have now.


He’s spot on with this

The principle is sound but it’s not really as straightforward. The example he gives are valid and yes we have gone a bit far when opinions expressed in a different era end up affecting an irrelevant body of work by someone (or at least trying to).

However, eventually you will come against an opinion that is actually offensive & dangerous. Glorifying murders, terrorism, paedophilia etc etc etc. Those are the extremes but you don’'t have to go that far…

And whilst in a normal situation you can counter it, challenge it, doing so online becomes much more difficult and before you know it you have a new cult propping up a cult / milita or US president.

Honestly it’s a very complex issue. I’m a big fan of pushing people’s views to see how far they will go (usually end up offending them) and think we have gone way too far in not being able to listen to other people and challenge them. It’s almost like we live in a binary world where you’re either a snowflage or a right wing nutjob.

It’s times like these I think about becoming a nomad…

Nomad. Thinking of that myself, selling up and moving on to a narrow boat and just wandering the canals and rivers.

Two of my favourite books are Into the Wild and Vagabond for Beauty… I envy those people… well, apart from the fact they both had untimely deaths.

With my life survival skills, I’d give myself a week before I returned back to civilisation…

The idea of a narrow boat just doesn’t appeal as thee’s also all of this paperwork that goes with it (renting spaces, maintenance, blah blah). If I’m going to be a nomad, it would be to get away from all that.

You mean pack up the bike with a tent and off you go forever.

Or would the paperwork for a bike still be to much?

If I had a bike and no kid, maybe…

Sadly it’s all just a dream at the moment (to be fair it always really was just that)… but no the bike was never really a part of this dream.

It does make me wonder how an insurance company would treat someone with no fixed address. I can’t imagine you’d be able to get much cover.

Anyway we’re way off topic here - hope no one is offended :smiley:

and we’re back on topic again

I’m pondering a campervan to live in. Can’t afford rent.

Kev & Serrisan having breakfast earlier today…


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A few years after that conversation, this is what we look like and think of your post

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BLM is now BRONZE (statues) Lives Matter.

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