Jon Snow

Dealt with.


Just when we were about to offer you secret info about him for £1m too:crazy:

Sooo… what happened? :smiley:

lol - Give me the info, and I’ll tell you what I did!

Where’s the £1m then?:slight_smile:

didn’t you get the answer phone message?

c’mon spill already

Here we go again…Come on Alex make this another classic :smiley:

Careful Alex… I work with him and saw him reading a website called “ww.bikersfriend”… he was talking to someone called Colon… about compensation? :hehe:

So are you on the Channel 4 news tonight? Tell us more!

He is a top man btw - an exVSO volunteer who worked in East Africa as a young man. He has supported New Horizons for years - a very noble charity near Euston helping homeless young people. Really sound and down to earth.

(Unless it’s a totally different Jon Snow - in which case just ignore me)

From what I recall of their original encounter a couple of years back I suspect if he’s gonna be on the TV it’s more likely to be Police 5… :wink:

…but he sounds like a c0ck when he gets on a bicycle :smiley: