jolly boys outing

just a suggestion, that would make a change from always riding the bikes, how bout we hire a bus (mini bus/coach, depending how many people) go on a wee trip somewhere, have a laugh, drinks, etc etc?

ay sounds good, can it involve a strip club?

Boys only? Prefer the Ladies myself :smiley:

Sounds good - be a good laugh! It’d have to be Margate tho in true fools and horses style :stuck_out_tongue:

with chaz and dave

or Terry-Moto

u mean u wudnt like a day away from the wife?lol

of course there would be no strip club ;):wink:

I’ll be up for this…its got to be a Jolly Peoples outing though ;):slight_smile:

You aint gay are you Wrighty :D:P

your the one that walks funny and always disappears off with tug matey :w00t::w00t:

A proper missus goes to the stripclub with ya :cool::smiley:

should you be giving away what kinda thing shes into matey? ill never be able to look her in face again :hehe::hehe:

I’ve heard she’s a good topless barmaid too… hey Grim :wink:

I know for a fact Tiggi would love to come to the strip club with us. Nothing wrong with that i say! :smooooth:

When I first joined LB I saw all this banter and wondered what the hell I’d stumbled accross . . . and I still do sometimes . . . :pinch:

No point asking him, he never noticed til the adverts came on;):smiley:

Noticed you aint got your name down on the Gents rideout…Have you got a bike ? :smiley:

:laugh: Sometimes even I miss the very obvious :blush:Which strip club then? :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t that what this one is all about?Have I got a bike? Come to the Inbreds meet next week and as long as it don’t rain you will see it:P

Good choice of word ther Slarty - stumbled… :wink:

hahahahaahahahahaha I think he sold it to fund his internet habit

No mate its going on a fecking coach to the seaside…:DSo you gona put your name down for the Gents rideout and prove you can walk the walk :D:PWicked aviter Goose :cool: