jokey time

A child comes home from school with his home work but doesnt quite understand the task so he goes to his dad “dad today for my homework we have to learn the difference between potential & reality but i dont know what to do” he says his dad laughs and says “its easy son go ask your Mum if she would sleep with Tom cruise for a million pounds then go ask your sistere if she wouls sleep with Brad Pitt for a million pounds” the little boy a bit confused runs off to his mum then his sister asking them the question and returns to his dad a few minutes later saying "i asked them dad and mum said she would sleep with Tom and me sister said she would sleep with Brad “Well” replies the dad “there you go theres your answer” the boy even more confused says “but dad i still dont get it” so the dad explains “well son its like this the potential is were sitting on a couple of million quid here, but the reality of the whole issue is we are in fact living with a couple of Whores”

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