Two 90 year old women are sitting in front of a nursing home one day, smoking cigarettes, when it started to rain. The first woman pulls a condom out of her purse, snips of the tip of it and pulls it over her cigarette and finishes smoking.
The second woman looks at her and asks her “What are you doing?”
The first woman says “I’m keeping my cigarette dry.”
The second woman then says “I should try that.”
The next day the second woman goes to the pharmacy and says “I need a box of condoms!”
The pharmacists looks at her and thinks “This woman is 90 years old, what the hell does she need condoms for” but he decides “Oh well I guess I’ll sell them to her anyways.”
He then asks the woman “What brand would you like madam?”
The old woman replies "Doesn’t matter to me dear …as long as they fit a CAMEL