Two fleas meet. One of them has a terrible cold. The other one asks him “Hey buddy, what’s wrong?”

“Well, I live in this biker’s beard and the c**t rides in all weathers so I’m constantly cold and wet and it’s just not good.”

The other one replies “Listen, you need to do it like me. I live in some young girl’s pubic hair and it’s always comfortable and toasty down there. Just move house and your cold should clear up in a whiffy.”

A few weeks go by until the fleas meet again. This time the one flea is hacking up phlegm and wheezes even worse than last time. “How are you doing now?” says the one. “You still don’t look too good. Didn’t you follow the advice I gave you last time?”

“Well I tried”, says the other. “But everytime I move, the next morning I’ll wake up and I’m back in that f***ing biker’s beard.”

lol! Nice one.

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hahaha Quality