Join me in a huge thank you to Jay and Foxy - make this one a sticky!

Just thought it was about time to say thanks to Jay and Foxy for putting such a great site together. This site has really made my summer more enjoyable with the people I have met and the things I have seen. So much hard work has gone into the site and it’s great that you have taken time out to do it. Great photos good useful links and generally great all round.

Also thanks to all the people I have met too it has made me feel less of a lone biker and makes you realise what a big community biking is.

Anyway Jay Foxy next time I see you at the ace there is a drink waiting for you with your names on it! Keep up the good work



Bugger just seen njs71’s post about the big thank you bit sorry dude didn’t mean to do another thread like it.

Terry, thank-you very much! We really appreciate it! Yes, it has been a huge effort to get it developed, get the content published, and start to promote the name. There’s much more to come, and we’ll be highlighting this shortly. Big things lay ahead!

No worries.

Baaaa Humbug… no probs yellow

Terry… Your thanks has made a fab end to my day… Thank You for all of your support too… The site wouldn’t work without you guys!!!

I’m really proud to be a part of the LB team and am enjoying every moment of it… There are going to be lots of things to look forward to for all involved… It has totally made my summer and it’s been great meeting other people who are as passionate about bikes, riding and the whole lifestyle thing as me…

I’ll second that. (but stop just short of hero worship etc…)

Top site, reliable and easy to use, and a veritable cornucopia of ‘diamond geezers’ (can that apply to girls too?).

To be honest, quite how you guys manage this in between earning (it appears) decent amounts of cash, buying & selling bikes, buying and fitting trick bits, and riding (never mind the other boring stuff of existing), I’ll never know.

Unless you tell me I suppose. Doh!

I with everybody on this as well.

Great site, Great people run by even Greater people Big up to Jay & Foxy

Andrew, Work comes second, basically, just don’t tell the boss.

As mate’s Top site with top bod’s it has made summer more of a summer on the bike.

As a business it has been a pleasure dealing with the professionalism of Jay and Foxy well all concerned with the site

Mike M9Peformance

keep it up guy’s

Yes, got to agree with everybody, a really good helpfull site with a lot of top people who made me feel very welcome from the off, quality, informative discussions. I look forward to meeting up with a lot of you at the minimoto day and no doubt the rest soon enough.

Maybe the biggest compliment is the fact that 2 separate members felt the urge to simultaneously start “Thanks Jay & Foxy” threads, which one to reply to ? I know I’ll copy & paste my reply into both :wink: >

Ah shucks, thanks guys! You guys make it what it is though! And remember, this is only the beginning, it’s going to turn into something very, very cool.

As everyone else who has shown their appreciation of Jay’s and Foxy’s very hard effort, as do I. I’m on this website nearly everyday and always when I can get the chance. Everyone is a great laugh to talk to and its nice to get out once and a while to chat amongst like-minded people…

I thank you Jay, Foxy and whom ever else was involved. Your further efforts for planning meets and outgoings are also greatly appreciated and its nice to see such dedicated people to show something they love and assist us in loving it too! I shall be here till the end, and would help in any way I can to lend a hand if its needed.



Yay! Jay, Foxy, and quite a few others will know where that comes from ! Smokie was my first link to the Ace, but Foxy coaxed me over to hang out with all of the bikers. Biking has taken over my world, adding an entirely new cirlce of friends. Y’all are fab for all of the things that you teach me on the road, and I am tickled that this site puts us in touch with an even larger circle of friends. Well done, y’all!

I’m getting all embarrassed now!!! NOT… He he he… I’m having the best time possible doing this…

I never thought I’d see the day when I coundn’t wait to get home to turn on the laptop!!! This has given me another dimension to the biking world and has opened it up so much more…

Can’t wait for the mini moto next Sat, get to meet even more of you guys…


very well done to Jay & Foxy in making me so very much closer to the biking experience than i’ve ever been with LB’s - i really never knew biking to be so much fun!. it’s nice too, to not only see their post’s and everyone’s else’s post’s on here, but to sometimes, and even for the first time, actually meet in person at the ace, soho, etc. how’s that for a LB’s community !!!.

Its a wonderful, well set-out, interesting site & like Jay said, ’ this is only the beginning '.

i can’t wait !!!.

thank you.