Johnny Rea - Saturday Practice - Cadwell BSB - The Mountain

another stunning pic by my mate Guy …

Chuffin’ marvellous! He takes great snaps for sure, and with fairly modest equipment from what I can gather as well! Rea is great to watch, very aggressive! I love the mountain as well!

Great photo, and the biggest air i`ve ever seen anyone get over The Mountain.

Im a big fan of Johnny Rea, hes got a bright future ahead of him.

Is that guy crazy? Did he think he was in Freestyle motocross

Good photo, get some more up…


More to come tomorrow… too tired now.

Jay, at £5k+ for the lens alone I’d suggest the kit is less than modest!





Jesus Christ! I think Cope just got beaten! Nice one Silver! Wow, can’t wait mate!

Nice one D, and Mr Cope too! But yes I agree, not really a level playing field…

and I REALLY wish I’d gone up to Cadwell yesterday…

karl Harris got a bit more air than that . . .


Wow that bike looks utterly trashed! I knew he’d crashed (was gutted really because I was on the mountain and he’s one of the better showboaters over it!), but I didn’t know it was anything like that!

Big respect to him, Jonathan Rea and Shakey Byrne who just kept launching their bikes into the air. Shakey even kept giving the crowd a look to the side whilst airbourne!

Lol sod jumping over the mountain, I would absolutely crap myself

Pictures now up in galleries. After watching the races so far today, looks like I avoided an “Croft” by coming home - it looks torrential!

BTW, nice avatar Jay!

Great pictures mate!!! I would love to race at Cadwell, looks like a lot of fun!


Hehehehehe Loving it!

I wanna do that jump, anyone know what kind of speed there hitting to get that sort of air?

Nice picx guys

That’s insane!! GREAT pictures dude. What’s up with the big air, I’m not familiar with that track? That makes the videos I’ve seen of Ago’s Leap at the TT’s look small!

Now I can see how its really done… time to try that on my next trackday

They are some of the best pics Ive seen of the mountain, I still crap myself with 3" wheelies over there

where do you get £5k+ for his lens ??? have you ever spoken to Guy ?? you’ll find his kit comes in at well below that mate … one of the most talented photographers in the paddock currently … especially as it is just his 2nd year out there …

DA, I’d guess for trackday guys it’s about 30mph, probably more like 40 for those guys! Just trying to think back, it’s been a while since I’ve been to Cadwell, unfortunately, it’s such a great circuit.

Thanks Jay, Hennessy next year lets do Cadwell park around july time, Im gonna do that at 36mph, if I break any thing other than the lap record NO ones allowed to know

I’m going to Cadwell next year… ner ner