Johnny Cash - The Mercy Seat

From the album American III - that series of albums is high on my wish list at the mo…

Wasn’t this a Nick Cave (Bad Seeds) track originally???

Yes I think it was a Nick Cave original - lathough it seems afew people have covered it.

Good call, definitely a cash kinda morning. Yep, was Nick Cave.

Nick cave

Thanks El Diablo - I reckon you have to have got to a certain level of life experience to truly appreciate Johnny Cash. . .

Too true Sid, like a short spell in Folsham perhaps :smiley:

Er - think i’ll pass on that one El-Diablo! - I’m not quite that hardcore. . . :smiley:

sorry guys…
a cash classic…:wink:


Says it all - don’t it. . .

(thanks Smiled).