john terry

well looks like hes pissed someone else off

looks like he did make a racist remark to anton ferdinand

bout time they thru the book at him

whether he did or not this cnt should not be captian of England anyway, he is and always will a cnt.

Ban him from football for life.

Of course he is. He plays for Chelsea.

make him play for a shite team, like millwall :stuck_out_tongue:

2 wins out of 13 games doesn’t make a team shite. Oh hang on…:smiley:

he did it

should let les ferdinand have a 5 minute chat with the ******

call em wotever you want but at least they are not namby pamby over paid w*nkers.

i dont care if he plays for chelsea or any other team he is and always will be an immoral c*nt.

where is this news that it “looks like he did make a racist remark”??? I hate terry as much as the next guy but he was acused and anton backed him up saying he didn’t say anything racist…

Surely you just need the CCTV of the match and a lip reader to sort this out?


Just thought of a flaw in that. He’s a footballers so probably can’t talk and move his lips at the same time as standing up.

i believe 3 other qpr told ferdinand about the remark

Terry is a ****** anyway…Look what he done to wayne bridge…


here’s the clip where he’s supposed to be saying it…


They should take his England captains position away from him and 5 game ban from the league.

On top of this you now have Titus Bramble charged with Sexual Assault X 2

I thought he did it to Wayne Bridge’s Mrs… Had he done it to Wayne Bridge, I could well have understood the press annoyance at the super-injunction… Which would appear to still be intact if this is what really happened…

HAHAHAHAHA GET IN!!! 2-1 (this is so gonna bite me on the ass in the 2nd half)

aaaaaaaah :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Timeh is that tumbleweed I see?:Whistling: