John Terry in hit and run

so if you want to get off a drink driving charge this is how you do it.

Sorry officer I know there was contact but didnt think anyone was hurt so went home (and sobered up)

by the way says it was a broken leg not bruised

With all thats been going on with him lately you can imagine the frenzy that would have surrounded his car with all the papparazi so I would say it was easy enough not to fully realise that someone was hurt.

he did say “I knew there was a lot of contact”

thats his second hit and run as well :stuck_out_tongue:

He knew there was a lot of contact because loads of phtographers were pressing against the car. That is how the security guard got crushed against it. As for hit and run - he was doing 1-2mph according to witnesses, so hardly running.

that speed was stated by the PR for CFC not by witnesses

He was breathalysed by the Police - so it turns into you know for certain that he was driving drunk :rolleyes:

There has been no suggestion that John Terry, AKA, The Prince of Darkness had been drinking. It is routine to test someone involved in an accident.

it was reported on BBC news last night that he was under the legal limit as opposed to no reading at all. That to me implies he was drinking…but then he did have a nice couple hours to lower the reading