Hello All… I’m going to be setting up an interview with John Hopkins this weekend at Donington MotoGP, I would like to put some questions forward from Londonbikers…

If there is anything that you would like me to ask him, please put your questions in this thread and I’ll happily do it…

Get your thinking caps on guys and gals…

Performance from the suzuki is strong at the beginning of the race, but seem to tire mid distance. Why is that? Does the bike chew tyres more than other teams? Does his injury to his wrist / hand effect his ability to ride to the full potential of the bike for race distance?

We’re all waiting for his first win and stop wearing your ears inside your hat!

P.S can I come to the interview with you? I’ll be good, promise.

Does riding a MotoGP bike ruin your ability to ride any other motorbike? I mean, where do you go from here because surely everything else feels soft, flabby and slow.

If he could race any other motogp riders from any era who would he like to race against???

i.e schwantz, rainey, doohan any others come to that

Could you say to his girlfriend for me …lol i used to date her sister ;o)


Date her sister???

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I want to know why he plucks his eyebrows like a girl

But seriously…my questions would be:

Does he feel that his loyalty to the Suzuki factory team has hindered his chances for getting more podiums in 2007?

How does he stay race fit?

Where is is favourite place to surf and snowboard?

whens he coming down to the borough market meet on the GSVR…??

dont you mean when can i have a go on the GSVR?

I love john hopkins, not coz hes on a suzuki but because he always gives it all hes got, you can literally see him squezzing everything out of the bike and that makes for great entertainment…

Theres no ones else im happier to see on the podium…

Did he get in trouble for stomping on the bike after it broke down last year

"Did he get in trouble for stomping on the bike after it broke down last year "

What I want to know is, did it make him feel better? That Basil Fawlty type moment made me chuckle, particularly when he’d finished his first beating, takes a couple of steps and then goes back for more…

That was a good moment Edited out of TV quickly though.

Great questions guys, thank you… keep them coming…

well yeah i did but thats prob why she hates me now lol …