Joe Rocket Nitrogen gloves

I am looking for new winter gloves. These look and feel good - I particulalry like the wiper blade sewn into each thumb. Does anyone know how warm they are?

Ride Magazine are testing winter gloves for their December and January issues - dreadful timing as anyone in the market for winter gloves will want to buy them in October/November!

would be interested to know if the thumb wiper works…

got some Held ones for my gf and the wiper was crap! didnt work :frowning:

I have a thumb wiper on my current winter gloves, Triumph, and it works very well - much better then the wipers you can buy separately.

Problem with the Triumph gloves it that the seems have started to come apart between the fingers, where the leather joins a fabric insert panel. They only lasted a year!

I had some of the Joe Rocket Phoenix 3 summer gloves that lasted about 3 months before they started falling apart. Won’t be buying Joe Rocket gloves again.

Have got their mesh summer jacket and trousers and they have held up a bit better.

Have a left hand thumb wiper on Spada WP gloves, works very well.

my spada wp ones dont have a wipey :blink: :ermm:

I think Spada WP might be the answer. The web site shows that they come with a wiper on the left glove. When winter gloves were discussed on the forum recently Spada WP got a lot of good recommendations. Cheaper than Joe Rocket too.

I got those and they are really good! very happy with them!! apart for a missing visor wipey!?? :blink: :ermm:

edit: yep just rechecked no wipey!! :crying: :doze:

I got some spada wp gloves (without the wipee bit) but found that my fingertips are still freezing - worse than with the cheapy gloves I got 2 years ago. :crying:

hi there, I can give them 100%, I sell them in my shop they are my number one seller, and they were rated number 1 glove of the year last year in the uk, alot of my clients dont believe that they can do everything they say as they are a light weight glove, to convince my spanish customers of how good they are I tell them that if they get cold or wet I will give them double their money back, that how much convidence I have in them. Its a good buy.


according to this months RiDE: recomended buy (the only triangle they gave as they only tested budget gloves >50pounds) went to Spada Enforcer,

the Joe Rockets came 6th as they had poor protection and abrassion scores