Joe Bar Team

Joe Bar Team: timeless humour!!

anyone know where i can get the books? :smiley:





I’ve only seen the annuals in France (obviously in French)

The English ones were in Superbike Magazine years ago… when you was in nappies;):D:D

there seem to be available in Greece (in Greek) so thought they might also be here…

I used to love reading Joe Bar.

If you do find anything, let us know Pan:)

will do…not much luck up to now :ermm:

I’ve never seen Joe Bar Team ride anything other than '70’s bikes (H2, Z1, CB750 etc). Maybe they just keep recycling and translating the old French stuff.

apparently there is a more up to date one where they ride gixxers

Truly brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

Haha nice one:D

ah yeah! love the gsxr one! looks like mine :smiley:

found one more