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Joby inspired Selling Stuff

Inspired by Jobys pricing model, see the items below.
Collection from Edgware or St Albans.

Cans for a four bolt suzuki. Came with a full system or an SV1000, but I think would fit others, not in great condition and all 8 bolts are stuck and have had heads cut off.

Yours for a Stick of Twix per can ono

Top Box mount for a Givi Wingrack, the plate itself is unusable.

Yours for a bar of Galaxy that meant to be too large for one person ono

Habitat Sofa bed (with a picture of a motorbike in so it counts as bike related (not pictured))

Yours for an orange Yorkie ono

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why not add stuff on “trash nothing” as well

The sofa is on freegle (same idea) but no takers yet

Don’t want to hijack the thread but does anyone fancy my concrete paving slabs?

They are up for 0.99p buy it now and two idiots are watching them. Why would you watch an auction with a Buy it now of 0.99p? What do they think is going to happen?

They are going free so if anyone wants them come and pick them up from SW6.

FREE 3 x Concrete Paving Slabs | eBay

Gs500 complete stock exhaust

Wispa gold ono