Job vacancy at London International Custom Show.

Job vacancy for stall work at The stall:

It is on a mainly clothing stall where you would be selling and generally restocking the stall.

I will be working on the saturday and sunday and ian/elad will be working some days too so ya will see sort of familiar faces.

help wanted for 24th thurs/setting up day, 25th friday/first day of show and 27th sunday where you stay a litttle l8r to pack stall back up.
You dont have to work all days.

Good rates of pay and mucho p1ss taking form myself and Sarah.

If ya interested call tigger on: 07774291381.


just bumping this 1 pepes.

people still needed.

more details on thread in general.


i need a job just been made redundent ( GREAT)

give her a call m8, 3/4 days work if ya want it.

how much you / she paying for the Sunday?

Phone the number and find out, lol.