Job promotion

Got it!!

Congrats CapMoto! Now, what does it means in bike words? New bike?

Congratulations Capt Moto!!!

soon my brazilian pal, soon…


what will be next ?? maybe lol, knowing me anything’s possible

That look fun! I want one!

Does it mean you’re a MajorMoto now?


The Capt makes note to self not to turn up for work at the old place today, but to head for the new one…

Well done hun, also thats a great tip you just gave yourself lol

well u know how you are littlemissroadrage? well i am littlemrforgetful…

Good work Fran, congratulations

nice one fran…!!!


Congratulationi, a presto, F.


though whats the world coming too?

letting the Italians take charge eh?

You don’t need to worry, Steve, it’s an italian company with worldwide offices and in Uk alone we employ over 12’000 british citizens, from top level management all the way down to mooring rope men.

you employing? im looking for a new job/possible career change

Why? Isn’t it reasonable?..

nay… you’d look awful in a skirt, even with shaven legs, sorry

Well done Capt Congrats