Job Interview

Yes, not particularly interesting but iv got a job interview in half hour.

I’m too embarassed to say where but at the least the boss isn’t a c*nt.

And hopefully my car wont get broken into again because the new place arent a load of tight *******s and use CCTV.

And its higher pay and I get a staff discount.

So yeh, wish me luck.

Good luck!

Good luck… if it’s not too late

good luck, my interview tomorrow.

you will do fine jo!,

u best get that job as i want discounted sound system for my hilux and discounted bulbs and spark plugs for my bike!!!


moving from Maccys D’s to Burger King go on it all helps

Good luck - fingers crossed for you.

Kiss my arse!!!

No, it was gonna be a move from Sid Moram’s to … Motorworld but it turns out they pay less and I have to wear a crappy uniform. I’m still on the lookout for another job but preferably with bikes.

Cheers for the good lucks and ting.