job in Croydon - where should they move?

a mate of mine just got a job in Croydon and will be moving there with his wife an 1yo daughter.
I recently bought not too far from there but never really looked there so dont now the area well, I know a few guys (eazy,chips) live there so was wondering if there are any areas that you would recommend he looks to rent.

I’ll mention carshalton and cheam to him but any other recommendation would be good


Would he be riding/driving to work or public transport? also does the wife work or need to get to certain places?

If public transport is an issue and they’d like to be closer to Central London then I would suggest Forest Hill, Honor Oak Park or Brockley. Pretty areas, not too expensive, popular with young families and only a few stops away from Croydon by National Rail (no interchange). And it’s still easy and quick to get into Central London.

should have gone to specsavers… title says job IN Croydon :stuck_out_tongue: i think he will be taking a bus to work. not sure what his wifes does, but i think she will be looking for a job around there also

Bromley is pretty close to Croydon and is arguably a nicer area - within bus distance. GazzaB is also from Croydon so he might be able to help.

Good luck to your friend finding something nice IN Croydon :stuck_out_tongue:
+1 on Bromley, nicer than Croydon. Beckenham is not bad either

Edit: Oh and since when is Carshalton and Cheam IN Croydon? Ain’t that Sutton already? :wink:

right let me ask this again:

he got a job in croydon and wants to move near croydon. where should he move to that is a short distance to croydon where his new job is? :kiss:

ps i never say that cheam/carshalton was in croydon. just that i know about them and they are close :wink:

Dear Pan, you are being a smart arse over a technicality :smiley: Love you too :kiss:

i love technicalities! :cool:

so back on topic good suggestions up to now… any more? hows wallington?

Although I don’t live in Croydon, we have several offices in and around the Croydon area.

Coulsdon is not too far away, quite a nice area, Sutton is quite nice as is Wallington, Purley and Banstead. South Croydon itself is not too bad.

New Addington is probably one area that is probably quite wise to stay clear of although some quite nice properties in the area.

I live in South Croydon and it’s not too bad. We do have the odd murder/shooting of a police officer/etc but thankfully those kind of events are pretty rare.

It’s nicer the further you head south from Croydon, of course - Purley, Coulsdon, etc.

I would avoid the area immediately to the north of Croydon - Thornton Heath.

another one for Coulsdon, forestdale area is where my friend used to live and bought a flat, the tramline is very close and also sainsbury and shops around the corner, lovely place to live these days :slight_smile:

I live in Croydon but we are moving out soon.

In about a years time your friend is going to start worrying about where to send his child to school.

The good state schools around here are in Sanderstead- but the house prices there reflect this- don’t know how easy it is to rent there but tell him to check his catchment areas carefully before he commits.

thanks LiM - thats the kinda info i was looking for