Jimmy Savile


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I loved Jim’ll fix it, but the number of ruddy letters i wrote and never got on there

Dear Jim,

please can you fix it for me to drive an agricultural sh1t-spreader past the open windows of Southwark Town Hall?


Clubfoot (aged 7)

So it was you…


Good spot. If I do it can I get the good members of LB to pay the fine?

Some bods at the NTBPT will sponsor you to do it to Westminster Council :Whistling:

When I was a kid I always was a bit scared of Sir Jimmy Saville …He looked like a disco boogeyman to me .


This has been on LB before, so it’s OK. My computer isnt doing sound at the moment so I am just enjoying the video as a tribute. :rolleyes:

He’s a character but you wouldn’t let him babysit your kids…

i wouldnt let him babysit my cat. he had a good innings tho. RIP jim.

Cigars and gold the secret to a long life …Also … " of the giants together in action … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYnFcKdXA2o&feature=related

RIP Jimmy. fixin it with angels now.