Jetstream's Treasure Hunt - Spare Place!

Swine flu has caught up with 5150, so there is a spare place on Team GreenRider if anyone else wants to come along :smiley:

I’m off down the pub in a minute, so if I’m not here to reply, the spare place goes to the first person to post they want it on this thread :smiley:

I’ll update the main Treasure Hunt thread when I get back :smiley:

Team GreenRider is on for a 10am start :wink:

Can I fill it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Another example of the generosity and self effacing nature of the LB crowd.

Well done Zine for stepping into the breach.

Sorry 5150 had to drop out, we suspected Swine Flu when we read his original post, heres hoping hes not contracted the virulent Gloucester Old Spot variant.:sick:

Just PM stevie for meet up on route for the Ace.

Tricksy did your parcel arrive hun??

How was Asda?:smiley:

Feel rubbidge. :frowning:

I’m totally gutted that I can’t come - the weather’s lovely all weekend, and I’m stuck at home sneezing and blowing my nose.

I hope everyone has a great time tomorrow - it should be a fantastic run.

See you at ace for 9:30 :slight_smile:

Good man Zine.:wink:

Cheers Zine - you’re the 6th Person on Team GreenRider - get ready to don the green scarf :smiley: