Anybody heard from him, hasn’t logged on since the 12th of April, is he on holiday?

I’m sure someone said that they were away…but can not confirm

Those two are always off galavanting. I’d imagine that’s what it is. I’ll send them a text an see what they are up to.

They are probably searching the far reaches of Southern Europe - just to find you the best pie shop Rob :smiley:

That or they are too tight to have roaming on their mobiles…

They are on route from Cumbria. Back for the weekend.

Vis Melton Mobray then :smiley:

Well, I don’t think they should be allowed to go on holiday without informing us first:D

They are doing up a house in Cumbria so we can all go and stay. They took the car so they (quote)

“actually get stuff done this time!!”

Oooh, that’s interesting, weekend in Cumbria anyone:D

im in :smiley:

It rains in Cumbria lots… you won’t be able to use your bike! :smiley:

I fear rain now :blush:

Thank you everyone for your very kind concern:) We were indeed working very hard on a house in Cumbria and didn’t take the bike this time. Shame, as the weather was glorious, hot & sunny for a change.

The priorities were followed carefully - no work got done in the kitchen but now the garage is empty (thanks AlexG ) it has beautifully painted walls, doors & the floor is done in garage paint. Just awaiting bikes:D

Concern? Nah, just worried who was going to get Rob his pies :stuck_out_tongue:

Impressed that Julie choose to prioritise the garage over the kitchen though…she’s a goodun!

Glad to see priorities being properly set! :smiley: