Jetstream Unplugged, the acoustic rideout!

Pillion-free ride for Chris this weekend!

Ace, road, roundabout, more road, some other roundabouts, a bit of twisty road, coffee, cigarette,more road,petrol stop,long bit of road,stop to relocate errant tailgunner,bit more road,scenic lunch stop and I guess a quick heritage site.:stuck_out_tongue:

Depart Ace 9.00am Sun 30th Nov.:w00t:

Don`t miss this dramatic venture, tickets selling fast.:cool:

I’ll have to go tentative on this one. I’ve still got man flu after 2 full weeks. Apparently I have strain of the flu that has left a chronic cough. The only upshot is I have a movie announcer gravely voice.

The courier spec CB500 has a new pipe that is really loud so when were out riding and the noise dies down you’ll know I’ve got lost again.

I’ll to my best to make it for the Jetset team.

Joby mate, it’s called reactive bronchiolitis and i hope you have had antibiotics for it. I’ve had it for the past 2 weeks and have been told I should be singing the blues in some dive in Soho… get well soon Qx

The doctor wouldn’t give me anything. He said I just had to ride it out. I was hoping for seroids or something. Do you think I should go back for a second opinion?

Just do what the Doctor ordered!:stuck_out_tongue:

Great, do you sound like Janis Joplin? Love to have you along, we could make a few pence busking on the seafront:P

well, I’d love to come along, BUT baby said it way toooooooo COLD brrr… so think will be hibernating till about March… so might see you in a few weeks :smiley:


What about the ride to NEC? Aren’t you joining us on that?:slight_smile:

If it hasn’t improved since it started I’d go back. i’m just getting over it now but the antibiotics have taken their toll as well.

‘Oh lord, won’t you buy me a mercedes benz…’:smiley:

Glad to hear you’re feeling better. It might take more than one day’s busking to be able to afford a merc:) (Sorry to hear about the altercation with one earlier in the week too).

Think I’m going to the NEC on Sunday…plus it will be harder to keep up with you when you don’t have Julie on the back!

Apologies I’m a no show. Still not on great form. Have a good ride.

No problem, well see your spitting pipes soon enough! Nobody else seems to want to come with me:crying: But Ill be down the Ace at 9.00 anyway:angry: Someone must love me:kiss::unsure:

We do luv ya :slight_smile: just had a better offer to squaring off my tyres on the ZX6 on the way to NEC, plus the B6 has sprung a leak… plus its kinda cold out there… Qx

NEC? Thats next weekend:) This one`s I know not where:D

well hope its not as foggy as yesterday !! really rotten weather to ride in :slight_smile:

Hey Jetstream…I love you!
But it’s freezing!!! I spent a couple of hours riding about London today and it was miserable. I don’t think I can join you until I get myself some heated glove liners - my hands weren’t warm enough even in the spada force gloves :frowning:
Oh and I am now ill so wont be going anywhere until this fever passes. I’ve been coughed on hundreds of times in the last 2 weeks so impressed that I have made it this long without catching something. Blo*dy typical that it happens on the weekend though!!!
I hope you have fun tomorrow! x

Back in one piece! What a great day, sorry nobody could join me, the TVR drivers at the Ace wished me “Bon Voyage” Thinking of buying an old Tuscan and joining the club:sick:

Photos to follow:doze:

Did you go anywhere nice chris, was it wales or cornwall?

Thanks for asking mate, bit grim at the Ace around 9.00 this morning, 4 degrees celsius and full of TVRs.:crazy:

Fortunately the weather improved around Maidstone and held out for the rest of the ride.:slight_smile:

So the route went something like this.:wink:

Lunch stop and a chance to take off my jacket!:slight_smile: Phew - it is hot in Australia at this time of year:)

Quick chance to cool off at the South Pole and have a well-earned ciggie:)

Chance for a cuppa with Dubya:)

Chance for a close encounter with a seal at the North Pole:)

Back home in time for a hot bath…No photo…Mrs Jetstream back from her Mum`s censored this one in case the LB ladies were overwhelmed:blush:

In retrospect a great day out but a bit tiring. Would I do it again? You bet your sweet ass I would:cool: