Jetstream Farewell at the Ace


Sorry can’t make it guys ,out the country…good luck with your future plans and thanks for all the ride outs …really enjoyed every ride and miss them days​:+1::+1::+1::+1:


I have the in laws visiting this weekend…

So should be able to make an appearance to this, assuming the bike works after 4 months of not being started!

Will be a sad day but always knew Cumbria was calling.


Updated first post to say we’ll be there about 3 pm ish, hoping not to interfere too much with all your rideouts :slight_smile:


See you then :slight_smile:


Anyone heading down, be careful of the wind out there


I’m here already, must be have caught a good tailwind!

Coffee is still terrible, just like years ago


Just like the old days


Wow, what a great turn out! Like old times doing a group-photo outside the Ace! :slight_smile:
Really nice to catch up with old and new faces alike and to get to say farewell to the brilliant Chris and Julie, aka Jetstream. Your rideouts will be sorely missed! Someone else is going to have to pick up the batton.

Oh that reminds me, I forgot to take the Poohsticks badge. Who got it?


Oh and:


Avi and I are hopefully heading over in a min, are you guys still going to be there


Great to see you guys. Best of luck Julie and Chris…


Great to see everyone. Wishing Th Jets every happiness in their new home.


Good to see you all today, end of an era indeed :tired_face:

Not sure who can pick up the mantle in such style and consistency…

Best of luck Julie and Chris in your life up North! Stay in touch and perhaps see you around the lakes!


Should have packed my beard brush, it’s looking a bit windswept.

Was fab to see some old faces. End of an era indeed.


Great pics Jay, I forgot to take any :frowning:
Was nice to see everyone, and the Jets will be missed, all the best 'up North


Great to see you all. Good luck Chris and Julie x


Wish I could’ve been there.

All the best Julie and Chris. Good memories


A great turnout today which surely shows the respect and esteem in which you are both still held. …So,…many thanks Chris n Julie for some very enjoyable Sunday motorcycle outings over the years. Iam sure it will be a fantastic new life for you both up there…Enjoy !!



Thank you so much to everyone for the lovely comments and even more to everyone who came to the Ace from far and wide. We still can’t get over it.

Feeling the LB love all over again - very sad to leave you all.

(@ Jay - the Poohsticks champion badge was handed on to Rosso for him to organise the next one, aided & abetted by the lovely Natalie. It will not matter over which bridge the sticks are thrown, the spirit of Ashridge Forest frolics will live on) :smile: